Explanatory Clips

Here you find the results of the teachers’ meeting & each learning activities. The goal of each meeting is the creation of clips in the animation technique. With the help of media experts, we produce short educational films that deal with different aspects related to the use of social media. Later on, these clips are used in trainings that are hold by older students for younger students. The purpose is a smart and responsible use of social media. This “peer-to-peer-learning” is a new way of coaching younger students.

In all explanatory clips that the students produce in the the project term of 2 years, there are 4 main characters: Laura & Peter, 2 older youngsters, and Anna & Tom, their younger siblings who do not have lots of experiences with the smartphone and social media. They need help from Laura & Peter. The main characters were designed by Milena Werner (Germany, 15 years).

Fritzlar (March 2020): “The smartphone – a real challenge for beginners”