The Project

What is an ERASMUS+ project?

ERASMUS+ is a programme funded by the EU. At least 3 schools work on a  topic or 2 or 3 years. The teachers & students of the partner schools meet several times in the project term in order to present results and to work together in a foreign language. It is a fantastic opportunity to get to know to other cultures and people.

Our project “youth4media” started in August 2019 and ends in July 2021.

Within this project, students from schools in Spain, Finalnd, Poland, Italy and Germany will work together on explanatory videos about topics related to social media:

Germany (March 2020): “The smartphone – a real challenge for beginners”
Italy (May 2020): “Respect and empathy in social media”
Poland (Nov. 2020): “ Influencers – the new pop idols of the 21st century ”
Spain (March 2021): “(Online) video games “
Finland (May 2021): “Fake news – a critical approach”

The explanatory clips will be used later in trainings hold by older students for younger students: This “peer-to-peer-learning” will lead to a more responsible and smarter use of the smartphone and social media. Media competences

The required steps for the realisation of “explanatory clips” in each learning activity are:

  • writing of a storyboard in multinational groups
  • creation of icons, figures etc.
  • choice of music, noises, effects etc.
  • editorial by media experts
  • filming & recording
  • cutting & montage
  • final editing

All project activities & in particular the “hands on trainings” will have an enormous impact on the students’ skills: digital, professional & methodological (project management,problem solving),
personal (creativity, self-empowerment), social (teamwork, colaboration), lingual (technical vocabulary,foreign languages).On the completion of the project, the students will have a better understanding of the influence of media & a more critical approach not only on a regional & national, but also on European/international level. They will feel more enabled to take part in social, political & democratic processes.