teachers’ training (Nov. 2019)

The first “youth4media” meeting took place from the 25th November 2019. It was supposed to serve as a teacher-training for the upcoming student activites in March 2020.

The teacher teams from Italy, Spain, Finland and Poland were welcomed warmly by the students of the Ursulinenschule.

In unexpectedly intense lessons, teachers were trained in the usage of tablet computers and specially designed photo boxes to produce explanatory clips, designed to put complicated topics in a nutshell and make them suitable for younger students.

Clips like that will be produced by the international student teams in the meetings during the project term, covering a variety of topics concerning media and the internet.

The team was supported mainly by the media experts Maurice Quentin and Ingo Bever from the media agency “medienblau” (Kassel)

It was an interesting time with lots of input for all of the teachers. The amount of time spent creating a one-minute video-clip was surprisingly big but the results were great and all participants had a lot of fun learning and practicing.

After a hard day’s work there was also some time to get to know each other and enjoy the evenings with the lovely international team.

Now we can’t wait any longer to see our students’ results in March 2020. The teachers did their best to lay the foundation of great cooperation, creativity, mutual understanding and the feeling of being European.

Have a look at the explanatory videos!

Other impressions – enjoy!


Evaluation of the teachers’ meeting: